A Letter


To you, you known-heart. When we met again yesterday, my heart beat loud. I did not know that these old butterflies could still flutter. But that was it. Our bodies got dressed magically and we just had to smile. Our dialogue was so intoxicating that I do not know anything about it. That’s the way it is! For me, you were like a new person in old clothes. For hours I could have sat there with you. But nice hours pass by like minutes … I really want to meet you again, but I do not know how, I just know that:

„We are on one level, here the longing is fulfilled. The atoms in our bodies dance tango. I’m here! Our hearts connect. We get dressed and I’m not scared. Enjoy this thing without a name. We transform all thoughts into the highest vibration. The space between our thoughts is Zsa. The space between our words is Zsa. The space between each breath is Zsu. We meet in our room. All boundaries become one and open hearts to new happiness. We participate in this happiness. This new happiness is patient, friendly, does not value. Even if fate still separates us, this hope leaves us alive, our plant grows and is a good teacher. We will always be We. When two souls call, the universe will unite them. Heaven and earth will move to find a way for this love.“


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